The Caring, Human Service of Financial Practitioners

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The Caring, Human Service of Financial Practitioners Imagine a 60% unemployment rate? Or, even half of that – 30% unemployed? And, no, this is not an April Fool’s joke. If predictions come true, it could happen. Jobs Are Disappearing Check out this sobering article: Silicon Valley Is Right — Our Jobs Are [...]

Be Intentionally Aware of the State of Your Personal Finances

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Be Intentionally Aware of the State of Your Personal Finances CACCS CEO, Henrietta Ross, was part of an expert panel at a Financial Fitness and Homeownership Attitudes of Canadians Seminar for mortgage industry and real estate professionals at the Toronto Board of Trade on May 10th. Millennials are the Engine of the [...]

Another Win, Consumer Choice Award

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Consumer Choice Award OACCS has been selected again as the Consumer Choice Award winner in the area of Credit and Debt Counselling Services – for the third year in a row. A Rigorous Selection All Consumer Choice Award winners go through a rigorous selection process to ensure only the most outstanding service [...]

Explore Your Financial Fitness Score

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Your Financial Fitness Score Get your own Financial Fitness Score to discover how financially fit you are. Just as lenders rely on credit risk scores when deciding whether or not to extend credit, you can get access to your own score that reflects the state of your personal finances. Your Guide To [...]

Creditworthiness and Challenging Traditions

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Creditworthiness and Challenging Traditions Is there a relationship between how many text messages a person gets and their creditworthiness?  Are people who fill in applications in upper case letters more likely to be credit risks than those who don’t? The Value Of Credit Ratings Some alternative lenders are asking these questions as [...]

Building a Financial Track Record

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Building a Financial Track Record Can a cell phone help someone to build a financial track record? According to Shivani Siroya, the answer is a resounding YES. All in the trustworthiness How? Through a mobile app that measures and tracks personal relations and activities for those without access to traditional credit score [...]

Truth or Fiction for Service Delivery?

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Truth or Fiction for Service Delivery? Is face to face counselling better than non-face to face counselling? There’s plenty of evidence and research that non-face to face counselling is effective and meets the varying needs and expectations of clients. Modern Technologies In this contemporary age, so many diverse and complex human services [...]