Code Of Conduct & Ethics and Public Profile Terms

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Financial practitioners who are members of United Financial Professionals shall maintain the highest standard of conduct, act with fairness, integrity and dignity and, in a manner not detrimental to the interest of the public, their profession or OACCS.

Members of United Financial Professionals agree to abide by the United Financial Professionals Code of Conduct and Ethics and that includes the following:

United Financial Professionals shall:

  • Serve their profession and their clients faithfully, respecting confidentiality, and avoiding conflicts of interest and any illegal or unethical activities,
    Provide only truthful and accurate information with respect to their profile and activities,
  • Express positive and respectful interpersonal and communication skills,
  • Maintain an objective manner to promote, maintain and encourage the highest level of conduct and ethics to bring credit to the financial practitioner profession,
  • Deal with other United Financial Professionals, stakeholders and colleagues in a fair and equitable manner,
  • Repudiate any practices that bring discredit to the financial practitioner profession,
  • Foster an environment where human interaction is conducted fairly, and discrimination, harassment or abuse of any sort is opposed,
  • Make a commitment to possess and increase the required knowledge, skills, training and competence as a financial practitioner through continued professional development,
  • Keep their membership profile current and payment of membership fees up to date,
  • Advise OACCS of any member who may have committed an act in contravention of this Code,
  • Support OACCS in its efforts to advance the financial practitioner profession, and
  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of the financial practitioner profession.

THIS CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS serves to enhance public confidence in the integrity and virtue of United Financial Professionals. Adherence to this Code is required for membership in United Financial Professionals.

The membership period is twelve months from the date membership dues are paid.  All information collected is in accordance with the OACCS Privacy Policy.

Public Profile Terms

Your profile details are made publicly available.