Code of Ethics

The Canadian Association for Financial Empowerment (CAFE), building on the legacy and formally known as the Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services, and the Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services, are the Certification Body in Canada.  CAFE in partnership with the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE®) is committed to promoting the highest of ethical standards for financial practitioners.

Certified counsellors are required to adhere to a professional code of ethics in order to maintain their designation and certification as Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® (AFCC®) designees as well as a Standards of Practice.

We are constantly evolving to raise the Standard in Canada.

AFCC® Designees pledge to maintain the following Code of Ethics

  • Conduct myself in a credible manner, striving for excellence in providing services with competency, diligence, promptness and care to the best of my ability.
  • Grow in professional practices, keeping abreast of industry developments and striving to improve my professional competency through continuing education.
  • Exhibit personal and professional honesty and integrity in advising and counselling clients.
  • Recognize my limitations and refer clients when appropriate.
  • Maintain high standards of ethical conduct according to the objectives of the institution with which I am affiliated.
  • Respect the privacy of clients and the confidentially of the client/counsellor relationship in all matters pertaining to the course of professional service, revealing client information of any kind to others only with the expressed, informed consent of the client.
  • Accept compensation that is fair and reasonable, and assist clients in finding other services if my fees are not affordable.
  • Avoid any act or omission which violates the relevant criminal laws of any Province of Canada or any state, province, territory, or jurisdiction of any other country.
  • Report any felony related to the practice of the profession or which brings disrepute to the profession or any lesser crime which involves misrepresentation, fraud, extortion, misappropriation or theft or any conspiracy to commit such a crime to the Canadian Association for Financial Empowerment Executive Leadership Team and AFCC® Certification Committees.
  • Report any professional suspension, notice of infraction or violation by any governmental or industry regulatory authority of any kind.
  • Make no false or misleading statements to the Executive Leadership Team of the Canadian Association for Financial Empowerment (formerly known as the Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services) or  their Certification Committees or AFCC® Certification Council.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to all requests of the Canadian Association for Financial Empowerment or their Certification Program Committees or their Professional Review Boards.
  • Understand that the Canadian Association for Financial Empowerment may update these Code of Ethics at any time and will keep myself apprised to the standards set.

Adapted with permission to seek global alignment of Ethics in alignment with the AFC® Certification by the AFCPE®. 


THIS CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS serves to enhance public confidence in the integrity and virtue of our accredited and certified Professionals. Adherence to this Code is required for membership in addition to certification for Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® designees.



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