Agency Accreditation

We developed Accreditation for credit counselling agencies in the 1980’s. In doing this, we became the first association anywhere in North America to implement this high standard for agencies.

Accreditation recognizes that the agency has met the rigorous OACCS credit counselling sector standards that are founded on integrity, trust and excellence in governance, accountability, services and operations.

Achieving Accreditation is a mandatory requirement for not for profit, credit counselling agency charities who wish to become a member of CACCS and OACCS.


  • Credibility

  • Professionalism

  • Industry Respect

  • Consumer Confidence

Individual Certification

We developed and implemented Certification for financial practitioners in Canada in 2006. In doing so, we deliberately raised the bar on required expertise for the financial counselling industry so that Canadians could have independent access to the very best personal financial expertise.

Highly qualified, certified financial practitioners can help to transform lives from the debilitating issues associated with debt and poor money management to positions of empowerment and control over personal financial health.

Our certification program attracts candidates that are passionate about and engaged in helping others to strengthen their financial fitness, one of the most influential aspects of their lives.

We provide industry-leading Certification training and education for aspiring financial counsellors who want to raise their skill level, expertise and professionalism.  Through our programs, financial practitioners acquire excellent personal financial training and education.

Our Accredited Financial Counsellor CanadaSM (AFCCSM) certification designation is the sign of a qualified professional financial counsellor.  This Certification is bestowed upon financial practitioners who have met the rigorous standards of professionalism that are founded on integrity, trust, sound knowledge and expertise.

We are the exclusive licensee in Canada of the Accredited Financial Counsellor CanadaSM certification program.  AFCCSM is a certification mark of Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education®.


  • Highest level of skill, knowledge and integrity
  • Distinction, Credibility and Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
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